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Control System Accessories

Connector Boards:

Connector boards are a real convenience when terminating leads for encoders, amplifier control signals, and digital I/O. They are available mounted on standoffs or with DIN rail mounting.

  • MC-1100 Connector Board----- P/N MC-1100CB
  • MC-3100 Connector Board----- P/N MC-3100CB
  • MC-3100 Connector Board DIN- P/N MC-3100CBD
  • MC-3628 Connector Board----- P/N MC-3628CB
  • MC-3628 Connector Board DIN- P/N MC-3628CBD
Encoder line Driver:

Encoder line drivers will improve encoder signal transmission over long distances or in electrically noisy environments. Compatible with the Agilent Technologies HEDS series encoders with channels A, B, C (index). Line driver circuits are available for mounting on standoffs.

  • Single Axis Encoder Line Driver--P/N ENCLD-1

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