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Servo Motion Control Boards
MC-X628 Series


Motion Controllers in the MC-X628 series are ISA compatible and built around the National Semiconductor LM-628 Motion Control Processor. The MC-X628 provides a +/- 10 volt analog motor command using a 12 bit precision DAC.

The MC-3628 provides two or three axes of closed loop independant axis motion control depending on configuration. With additional software, it supports multi-axis coordinated motion control. Eight optically isolated digital inputs and eight TTL level digital inputs are provided. In addition, eight open collector TTL level digital outputs are provided.

All that is required to construct a multi axis closed loop servo system is an IBM compatible computer with an available ISA slot, an MC-X628 with optional cable and connector board, the appropriate number of servo motor power amplifiers, servo motors with incremental encoder and a motor power supply.

These componenets and their basic interconnection for a three axis application are shown in the figure below.

The MC-X628 series has 32 bit resolution for position, velocity, and acceleration. This allows small variations in velocity and acceleration to be programmed for effective trajectory control for contouring at high speeds. Compensation filtering is accomplished with a second order Proportional, Integral, Derivative (PID) filter with 16 bit coefficients. This level of PID filter resolution permits precise servo tuning. The integral term provides for accurate positioning with zero steady state position error. Additionally the the MC-X628 series provides an industrial quality incremental encoder interface with differential or TTL level inputs and noise filtering. A generous number of uncommited digital I/O is provided for sensing limit switches, for control of amplifier enables or other user functions.


Whats included

The MC-3628 package includes the MC-3628 3-axis motion controller board and a CD with instruction manuals and software for the MC-3628.


Options include cables (MC-3628CA), a connector board which provides for screw terminal connections (MC-3628CB), and software for multi-axis control (MA-3628SW).

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