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Milling Machine Computer Numerical Control
CNC-1000 Series


CNC-1000 is a software program that runs on an 80386 or higher computer with an available ISA slot in conjunction with the Servomotive MC-3628 3-axis motion controller board. CNC-1000 provides a highly developed and very cost effective Computer Numerical Control for milling applications. Running under DOS it requires minimal computer resources.

CNC-1000 is completely menu-driven, making the application very easy to use. It features a high resolution graphical part preview, built-in program editor, four distinct operating modes and automatic parameter retention. CNC-1000 supports EIA RS274D format G codes, M codes, canned cycles, cutter compensation, real time feedrate override and polar as well as cartesian coordinate systems.

Control Modes

CNC-1000 provides four modes of operation. These are:

Automatic Mode

Automatic mode runs an entire program to completion. The operator may pause the program for tool changes, speed changes, etc. Auto mode also permits single step, block delete and dry run.

MDI (Manual Data Input) mode

MDI mode permits the operator to operate the machine executing one command at a time. This mode is useful for setup, and fine tuning portions of a part program.

Jog Mode

Jog mode permits direct control of all three machine tool axes from the computer keyboard.

Graphic Mode

Graphic mode permits the operator to visualize the tool path at an accelerated rate. Features such as block delete, optional stop and single stepping function in Graphic Mode. The Graphic mode also provides an estimate of the time to complete the part.


What's included

The CNC-1000 package includes the CNC-1000 software, operation and programming manual, along with the MC-3628 3 axis servo controller board, MC-3628CB connector board and MC-3628CA cables. A detailed application manual is included covering machine tool evaluation for retrofit, suggested vendors for ball screws, backets, amplifiers, encoders etc and generalized wiring diagrams for installation of the control.

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